Grigoriy Beziuk

Fullstack Web Developer

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Translation Gang, Frontend Web Developer, Translation Lead, since October 2016

I translate and coordinate other types of translation-related work for Vue.js-related documentation. Also, I create example application repositories and other educational products.

LittleConcert, Frontend Web Developer, CIO, january 2016 - may 2016

As a freelancer, I was working on the UI of this musical social network, using mainly Javascript ES6, React and Flux.

Gero, Fullstack Web Developer, CIO, august 2013 - may 2016

We performed a datamining project on a data streams from wearable devices. The project had both complex scientific and simplier web application parts. Both of them are relatively high-loaded; AWS was used as a background. See Locomotome Proejct and Crowdage for details.

Action Learning, Development Lead, Teamlead, Deputy CTO, may 2012 - december 2013

With both hands-on programming and software developers team management, I developed a big educational game engine, which then was used as a backend for many customer projects of the company. Backend was mostly written in Python, frontend was developed in Flash. This backend software was created with scalability in mind and tested under high load.

Doppler Studio, CEO, Development Lead, Founder, july 2010 - may 2012

With my own small web studio we completed some sites for different customers, concentrating mostly on e-commerce projects. ShowShop.Org and PeroPavlina.Ru are still alive at the moment.

Delom.Ru (formerely Rekvizitka.Ru), CTO, Development Lead, Co-Founder, november 2010 - july 2011

This startup was at first focused on solving one very particular problem of legal entities in Russia, but than the ideology was transformed to creating a "Social network for legal enteties". Since then the project is in the zombie mode, and without me.

ABrowser, Frontend-Developer, april - september 2010

Developing frontend for the SAAS-platform for third-party sites, providing hypercommenting feature. The closest relative alive is the project.

Yota, Frontend-Developer, september 2008 - march 2010

As a frontend-developer I participated in development of a high-loaded social network engine, which also included an image storage and a phone contact book management tools with synchronization interfaces. During this project, we implemented some cool UI features significantly before the big players, like facebook and Unfortunately, the project is dead for years already due to the change of company vision.

"The Baltic Shore" Industrial Development Company, system administrator, may 2005 - november 2008

I was responsible for keeping all the IT infrastructure of the company office in working condition. It had included administration of Gentoo Linux servers, supporting Windows workstation and lots of peripherials like printers and scaners; and of course a lot of educational work with personnel.

Lighthead Studio, junior web-developer, february 2007 - october 2008

Mostly I coded HTML/CSS as a freelancer there, but also got some experience with JavaScript, PHP and Linux administration.

EPAM Systems, Java intern, october - december 2007

During my University education, I had interned at Epam studying Java language and J2SE platform.

FreshMedia, junior web-developer, december 2005 - january 2007

Mostly I coded HTML/CSS as a freelancer there.

C/C++ teacher at local High School, september 2004 - september 2006

Right, I debuted as a teacher. I taught C, C++ and the basics of programming to youngsters from local schools during two first years of my University studies. About 20% of my studens became real programmers, which is a good conversion rate for that situation.


St-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Master of Computer Science, with Distinction, july 2010

My masters's diploma was focused on ways of usage of machine learning methods in modern e-commerce web projects, in terms of both product optimization and user behaviour prediction

St-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, Bachelor of Computer Science, with Distinction, june 2008

My bachelors's diploma was focused on e-commerce web projects. I wrote my own e-commerce engine during the project. Later the engine was used in the real-world industry.

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